303  – Size of the Machine Guns on most Lancasters [.303″] approx 7.7mm
A&AAE –  Aeroplane & Armanent Experimental Establishment
ABC  – Airborne Cigar. Used to foil German fighter controllers
AGLT  – Automatic Gun Laying Turret. “Village Inn”
AOC  – Air Officer Commanding
ASR  – Air Sea Rescue
ATA  – Air Transport Auxiliary
AVRO  – Designer & Main Manufacturer of the Lancaster
BABS  – Beam Approach Beacon System
BBMF  – Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
Belly  – Underside of the Aircraft
Call Sign  Example- AJ-G first 2 letters designate the squadron, [617] 3rd letter is the specific    aircraft, in this case G for George. This was Guy Gibson’s Aircraft on the Dam Busters   Raid
CF  – Conversion Flight
CFS  – Central Flying School
CGS  – Central Gunnery School
Circuit  Pattern – followed by an Aircraft when it arrived at an Airfield. [Box shaped]
CNS  – Central Navigation School
CU  – Conversion Unit
Ditched  T- he Crew undertook a semi controlled landing in the Sea or Lake
EXODUS  – Repatriation of ex Prisoners of War from Europe
FIDO  – Fog Investigation & Dispersal Operation
Flak  – Anti Aircraft Guns Firing from the Ground, or Ship mounted
FN  – Frazer Nash
Forced Landing-  Land at the earliest opportunity, anywhere, unplanned
FRL  – Flight Refuelling Ltd
GEE  – Aircraft Navigation Aid from the Ground
Halifax  Handley – Page 4 engined British Heavy Bomber
H2S  – Navigation & Target Identification Radar
HCU  – Heavy Conversion Unit
LFS  – Lancaster Finishing School
MANNA –  Operation in 1945 to drop supplies in Holland
MAP  – Ministry of Aircraft Production
MONICA  – Gave warning of Fighters
MU   – Maintenance Unit
MV –  Metropolitan Vickers, Aircraft Manufacturer
OBOE  – Navigation Bombing Aid
OCU  – Operational Conversion Unit
OTU  – Operational Training Unit
Overshoot-  Land too far down the Runway, possibly running into something
PFF  – Pathfinder Force
Photoflash – A flash created by the Aircraft to enable the taking off a picture
POW  – Prisoner of War
PR  – Photographic Reconnaissance
PRU  – Photographic Reconnaissance Unit
RAAF  – Royal Australian Airforce
RAE  – Royal Aircraft Establishment
RAF  – Royal Air Force
RAF ID  – RAF number used on each Aircraft. eg: PA474 is the BBMF Lancaster
RCAF  – Royal Canadian Air Force
RDF  – Radio Direction Finding
RNZAF  – Royal New Zealand Air Force
R/T  – Radio Telephone
SAAF  – South African Air Force
SABS  – Stabilised Automatic Bomb Sight
SMR – School of Maritime Reconnaissance (RAF)
SOC  – Struck Off Charge
SS – Sold For Scrap
Swung  – The Aircraft would not be running straight ahead on the Runway
TI  – Target Indicator
U/C  – Undercarriage
U/S  – Unserviceable
VA  – Vickers Armstrong, Aircraft Manufacturer
VAC  – Victory Aircraft of Canada, Aircraft Manufacturer
VC  – Victoria Cross
Wash  – The Wash, large inlet of water South East of Boston & Skegness in Lincolnshire
Wheels Up – Referred to the Undercarriage being withdrawn
WINDOW  – Strips of Aluminium Foil Dropped from Aircraft to Confuse Radar